Fight over cold chicken at BBQ benefit ends in shooting -

"My brother didn't have lifestyle insurance. Right After a few heated blows, busted lips as well as bloodied noses, it absolutely was over -- so they thought.

She ended up being shot in the foot. He claimed somebody had thrown the actual chicken in his yard.

"My oldest son informed him hey anyone must back again off and leave us alone. Your Ex mom ended up being shot twice inside the leg -- just about all more than an product of chicken.

Harris County detectives had been in your house Tuesday. It's not really worth it more than a piece of chicken," additional Bautista.

"He went thus hitting him and also that's when he soon started hitting just about all regarding us," mentioned William Yanez.

The benefit turned into a huge brawl. My brother isn't gone. Nevertheless it is said he wasn't pleased with the chicken.

"Over an product of chicken, yeah he's any coward. Investigators say they have a wide open warrant out for that neighbor who's still around the run. Bautista just couldn't accept the bad news. He screamed in him and he just decided, i want to function as man. They Will create shop at gas grill reviews his or her Woodforest Boulevard house best rated gas grills in Channelview. "She stated it's true, it's accurate along with I mentioned absolutely no it's not, zero it's not. when I turned around he went indoors then comes back out and that will he were built together with a gun," mentioned Bautista.

"He mentioned the food has been as well cold and that he just began receiving a new real bad attitude regarding it thus i was just like OK, OK, if you never want it, we are generally likely to give your difficult earned money back again for you to you. Their Particular subsequent door neighbor had been one of his or her first customers. He then punches my son in the face," Bautista explained.

She received the call final Thursday. she has been such as yes, he's gone," mentioned April Bautista.

(Copyright 2015 WPVI-TV. Therefore that's what we did," mentioned Bautista.

The family members says the overnight the actual neighbor came back, using a beef. That's why you got hands. Brother's there already in the funeral residence yet we can't do absolutely nothing with all but simply because unfortunately we cannot have the funds," the lady said.

"He hit me very first then my mother," mentioned Bautista.


Two ladies say these folks were practically killed more than a meal these people served during a advantage throughout Channelview, Texas.

Harris County deputies say the the truth can be strange, and consequently they are saved to it.. You've got to make use associated with a gun, simply cowards do that," stated Yanez.

"We started walking away and something explained to show around. The Woman's brother, David Yanez Jr., had died.

"At very first he shot up in the air and then that's when he started shooting in us," additional Yanez.

"It's ridiculous. all rights Reserved.)

So the particular loved ones made a decision to offer barbecue plates for you to improve the money


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